Mr. Radiator born, bred and residing in Hasselt is the alias of Stefan Oury. Think about Mr. Radiator as a mix between jacking funky house with disco and jazz influences.


Via @delaportos. Geniaal! Prince eet incognito in Ekkergem op vooravond concert.

Zet meteen TV Ekkergem op de kaart :-)

Mr Radiator Live At Cup Hu!Da Festival 02-07-2011 (Belgium)

Had the change to play at Cup Hu!Da festival with the SoundSweep & MSMD gang! This is the result :

Mr Radiator Live At Cup Hu!Da Festival 02-07-2011 (Belgium) by Mr Radiator

Enjoy ! 

A Royal Funky Wedding MIXTAPE

My First tumblr post and what better way to start my blogging experience with my latest mixtape? This is a collaboration mixtape with a good friend from Shangia, Mister Levi Lyman, be sure to check his sounds out at :

This was really ALOT of fun to make this! It’s a bit deeper then i’m ussualy playing, but hey, we’re always open for other genres! 

Hope u enjoy! 

A Funky Royal Wedding - A Mr Radiator & Levi Lyman Collaboration by Mr Radiator

HUGE Tracklist after the break

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